Monday, 6 July 2020

Interesting quiz questions answered - 6


1. What links Iguanas, Koalas and Kimono Dragons?

2. Who wrote the Dune series of SF novels?

3. What would for you use your zygomaticus muscle?

4. In what city is the Encyclopaedia Britanica based and published?

5. What is that which was invented but only after 51 years later the US president got it?

6. David Cook became famous with what name?

7. What capitol city stands on the Tagus River?

8. White creame de menthe and brandy make what cocktail?

9. Barrel size of 18 gallons is known as?

10. Who wrote the story - How much land does a man require?


1. One penises.
2. Frank Herbert.
3. For smiling.
4. Chicago.
5. Telephone on his desk.
6. David Essex.
7. Lisbon.
8. Singer.
9. Kilderkin.
10. Tolstoy.

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